Consider the Treatment of “Digital Assets” When Preparing an Estate Plan

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Handling Digital Assets in your Estate Plan

Handling Digital Assets in your Estate Plan

Written by: Christopher N. McGann, Esq.

A pillar of any effective and comprehensive estate plan has always been deciding who may access bank, credit card or any other type of financial account should incapacity or death occur. The logic is straightforward. Bills must be paid, funds deposited, bequests made – and someone needs to handle those tasks. But what about our digital persona? Whether sitting in front of a computer, scrolling through a tablet or staring intently into the compact screen of a smartphone, much of our lives seems to occur in cyberspace. Estate planning has thus transcended the tangible and consideration must be given to how digitally stored and accessible content can be properly accessed, managed and safeguarded in the event of incapacitation or death. The question then became — how does and should this happen?

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